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Outlander Charters is a first class tuna, halibut, rockfish, lingcod charter fishing and crabbing company, based out of Westport, Sekiu and Gig Harbor, WA.
Our boat and equipment are top of the line, well maintained and in outstanding condition. The Uitlander is an impeccable boat for having a comfortable, enjoyable day on the Pacific coastal fishing waters.

Captain Jason Noorlander: Owner - Guide - Fishaholic

Owner, Guide
U.S. Coast Guard Master
100-ton license
CPR & first aid certified


Tuna was the driving force to enter this endeavor and remains so. I love watching new anglers experience this awesome Washington State fishery and going out with experienced anglers more so.

I have been fishing in the PNW since 1984; starting in lakes and rivers and progressing to the ocean, in Westport and Sekiu, as well as the Puget Sound.

My third duty station in the Army landed me at Fort Lewis and further fueled my love of the PNW and the Puget Sound area in particular. Then I discovered Tuna fishing... I enjoy all fishing here but Tuna is unlike anything I've ever fished for before.

It was during Tuna season that the desire to share this experience with other people was born. I love watching new anglers discover the sheer joy in hooking their first Tuna or the experienced angler grinning when they reel in their catch of halibut, lingcod, rockfish or salmon.... Read More

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